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Exceptional People - In Their Own Words

As puck and abby has evolved over the past several years, I’ve encountered some truly exceptional people.
Some are the makers who apply their craft to create the treasures that pass through our shop to grace the homes of our patrons.
Early on, friends and family members supported me by staffing my fairground booths or modeled jewelry, bags, hats, and mittens.
Still others contribute with advice, a critical eye, or creative and inspiring content to help bring the puck and abby collection alive.

I’d like to introduce you to one of these exceptional people. Through her artistry and a camera’s lens, her photos help you to explore the potential of feeling, of placement, and if so inclined, of ownership in your world
Here she is in her own words

My name is Suzy Schmigel. I am 51 years old and married to my favorite human of 23 years.
We have 2 lovely boxers, Brooklyn and Wilbur whom we adore.
 We moved to a historic town on the eastern shore of Maryland from Annapolis to slow things down so I could address my rheumatoid arthritis.

Greg and I spend our free time when able, taking road trips whether day or weekend. Some days, antiquing as well. Travel and Adventure soothes my soul and makes me feel alive which then feeds my ability to create.

One day I wish to live in the beautiful state of New York. I have a strong love affair with New York City and Upstate New York. The energy of the city and the beauty of the mountains give me great pleasure and peace.

I work a full-time job and care for my mother who has dementia. One of the most challenging things I have ever done. If you have or care for your elderly parent, then you know.

In my spare time I enjoy taking pictures with my husband Greg, whom is a photographer. I enjoy capturing what I see and what speaks to me. I find great pleasure capturing moments with my pups, in the city or towns we explore, home decor and products, coffee shops, old historic buildings and many other things.

I met Robin maybe 2 years ago probably in the Fall I think, here on Instagram and we have been friends ever since.
We came across one another thru a mutual friend Mary, who owns Farm + Sea. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing life to Robin’s beautiful gathered goods. She has given me a wonderful opportunity to challenge myself and continue to create on so many levels.

I find great joy helping makers out when asked to take photos for them- everything I have done has been a non-paid venture and really just an act of kindness with gratitude back at them for loving what I do and them appreciating our home.

I keep my Instagram life simple but it does not define me. I appreciate the lovely relationships I've made here and wouldn’t be writing right now sharing a little bit of who I am if it wasn’t for IG and my beautiful friend, Robin.