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Living Simplistically

I recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I was changing lifestyles and moving from suburban to urban life and overall felt that I owned way too much.  Leave it to moving from 2,000 sq ft to 900 sq ft to allow you to realize that!  Although the book focuses on minimalistic living, I felt it correlated well with puck & abby’s value of "Keeping it Simple". 
“slow living, simplifying, buy less but better, quality over quantity”
The book looks deeply into your house and items within, which as we all know very well form directly from our lifestyles and shopping habits.  It makes you walk through certain tactics as to why you have certain items and when the last time you actually put that piece to use.  It seems silly but when you walk around and actually look at your prized possessions that haven’t moved from their “homes” in years, it makes you think twice about what their actual value is to your life and home. 
When purchasing goods, always think of its purpose in your home or life and ask yourself some of these questions:
Is it necessary?
Can I use it multiple times a week?
Do I already have something similar?
Will it last long?
Will it go out of style?
Could I pass it down to my children or grandchildren one day?
How does it make me feel? 
Living simplistically allows you to focus less on the amount of materials and more on cherishing the ones you have.  It allows you to be smarter with your purchases, remember that quality over quantity snippet, so you are able to make less of them.  And it allows you to live a less cluttered, slow and happy life.
There are many posts and articles on minimalism and living a simpler life. Changing the way you live is just the beginning. Reading the book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up was the perfect place for me to start. It may just be for you.
Here are some of my very favorite p&a simplistic picks:
1.) The Bonnie Bracelet Women's Original Brass Cuff - A simple classic cuff that can be worn alone or layered. Perfect for a summers tan or a winter's gala.  Handcrafted on Cape Cod.
2.) The Bonnie Bracelet Women's Sterling Silver Cuff - Simple and Classic. A staple piece that could be a daily go to.  Can be worn alone or layered. Handcrafted of Sterling Silver and made on Cape Cod. 
3.) Concrete Collective Simplicity Silhouette Ring - Handcrafted in NYC this simple sterling silver band represents unity and oneness. With its simplicity it can be worn daily or added to a special outfit as the "icing" on top.  Beautifully Crafted. Will last a lifetime.
4.) Concrete Collective Classic Chunky Lobe Hoops -  These perfect classic hoops are made of sterling silver and are a must have. A go to that never goes out of style. These will be your hand-me-down's to your children or grandchildren.  Handcrafted in NYC.
What are some of your best tips on simplifying your life?
Living Simply,


  • Thank you for inquiring about the ceramic pieces in the post image. The lovely pieces are not something we carry and are by an unknown artist.

    puck and abby
  • I would love to know who made ceramic pieces featured in the photo accompanying this post ?


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