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The First Two Years

A Two Year Recap

We are elated to be celebrating 2 years at puck and abby and felt it was the right time to recap what the past two years have been like.

As you may know by now, puck and abby started out as a personal challenge as well as the opportunity to take a love for retail and turn it into a business.


Robin, the Founder/Owner, worked in the retail industry most of her career. She saw an opportunity to jump into the growing online retail space with organic handmade products. Robin had the vision to bring together home, body and wardrobe with unique up scaled pieces at a reasonable price. She took the leap at the opportunity and created what is now puck and abby.  And mind you, all by herself, still to this day – incredible! Initially, to get started, Robin needed to decide whether or not she was going to stick to the quaint New England market or bring together products from all over the U.S.. The thought of being able to provide quality handmade goods from the west coast to the east coast and back was something Robin felt strongly about. "It is a very big market so it only made sense to source goods from all over the country to share with all." 

It’s been Robin’s dream come true to bring makers across the country together and to share their goods with all of you. The result, pure joy. She is so thankful for her final decision to sell and share nationally!  Once the decision was made to sell handmade goods from makers across the U.S, sourcing the goods was the next step.  Robin started by reaching out to makers individually. Sending numerous direct e-mails introducing herself and her business with links to the website she designed. There were many rejections due to the fact that puck and abby was a new start up. But there were also exciting successes that paved the way. 



 The 1st two makers who were open to selling to puck and abby were from opposite coasts, with different product but both being best sellers to this day.   Umbrella Collective from Portland, Oregon and Porcelain and Stone from Somerville, MA.  These makers saw the opportunity to partner with Robin and have been able to celebrate the mutual success over the past two years. This was just the beginning. Since then, puck and abby has built relationships with 20+ Artisans from all over the U.S and has been sharing their beautifully hand crafted goods to customers like you from all over the U.S as well. 


What’s to come:

  • Store Front? – Potentially? Maybe? – Send us some ideas of locations you would love to see us in! No plans yet but this is a strong potential as puck and abby continues to grow.
  • As you have seen on our website, puck and abby is committed to giving back. Over the next 6+ months puck and abby will be focusing more on our “How we give back” page and will be cultivating stronger partnerships with different organizations who need their assistance.

Local in MA?: 

puck and abby prides itself on customer service and the special element an in-person meeting has. Let alone, being able to experience all of the senses with the products in person is mutually beneficially.

Meet Robin and puck and abby in person

It's important to note that in person is a rare opportunity so Robin has made shopping online as easy and convenient as possible. She knows that seeing before buying has its benefits so by implementing free shipping and returns, this enables you to do just that - when shopping online at puck and abby. 



Rachel Ross


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