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The Warmth of Wood


About this time of year, when summer begins to wane just a bit, we turn inward to  the home and kitchen.  Bored with the grill, we are back to baking fruit pies in the oven, embellishing our decor with sunflowers, fresh new tea towels, and the friendly warmth of wood…

We couldn’t be happier with our ITZA Wood products direct from the Guatemalan jungle.  Artisan-made woodware evokes home and family and ITZA’s coasters and utensils offer expressive, brush-stroked wood pieces to enhance your late-summer lifestyle.  We especially love the dessert coaster which is perfect for a solo afternoon treat as you watch the season’s light gently ebbing from the backyard.  

ITZA’s lovely wood leaf coasters are perfect for still-dewy glasses of iced tea and lemonade.  Made of granadillo wood which sings with its burnished earth-tones that include touches of violet and orange.  Beautiful!

For elegant ice cream-scooping, our ITZA teakwood scoop is as functional and durable as it is attractive.  After creating ice cream sundays for the family, this utensil will nestle prettily on your kitchen counter as a mini work of art!


Other products in the ITZA collection include helpers such as coffee scoops and Little Limonadas, handy spoons for summer sauces and dips.  Adding small touches of warmth with quality wood products this time of year, prepares us for the change in light ahead.  

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