Porcelain and Stone - Dipped Buoy Necklace Rose + Gold
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Porcelain and Stone - Dipped Buoy Necklace Rose + Gold

Special Pricing Thru May 1st

rose porcelain + gold necklace

This necklace is classic and elegant, much like the minimal gold dipped stud earrings. Designed to bend the light around the 22k gold melted to the surface of the porcelain, the necklace charm shines at various angles.

A modernist take on a classic look.

The necklace has 22k gold luster that has been kiln fired and melted onto the porcelain shape. Shiny and warm, it practically glows. Created in my studio in the greater Boston area.

Wear this:
-with your little black dress
-reception parties
-to make your eyes shine

Measures: 16-20 inches in chain length
Buoy pendant is 11 mm across in diameter

Chain material is 14k gold-filled chain for long lasting wear, and those with nickel allergies. This chain material has gold value, so it can be reclaimed or melted down for recycling the gold content. But I hope you don't!


Porcelain and Stone uses the finest, raw porcelain clay that requires it be high-fired to maintain the purity and exceptional durabilty of the pieces. Each piece is hand sculpted and fired.

The porcelain is a high temperature Grolleg porcelain clay body, that uses a traditional blend of kaolin, feldspar and flint. So when it is fired to temperature (2350 degrees F), there is approximately 11% shrinkage in the pieces that need to be accounted for in the final design.

Handmade in Boston