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Sample Gift Set

Perfect for travel, sampling or gifting, enjoy an exciting variety of best sellers and fan favorites.

Each set contains:

1/2 oz rose geranium face moisturizer

1/2 oz grits honey scrub

1/2 oz lavender hand cream

1/2 oz orange peppermint shea butter

1/4 oz eye cream

*Sample Best Sellers
HollyBeth Organics’ Sample Gift Set is the starter gift set for anyone wanting healthier skin! It includes a sampling of our best sellers and fan favorites. Try HollyBeth’s Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer, a hydrating skin primer loved by professional makeup artists, as well as her renowned Eye Cream, the first product she ever created! Looking for a gentle face exfoliator? The set includes our Grits & Honey Facial Scrub, a delicious southern take on a scrub. Set also includes Lavender Hand Cream as well as Orange Peppermint Shea Butter that double duties as a cuticle cream and lip balm. Suitable for all skin types.