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Studiopatro PIE Tea Towel

 Easy As Pie.
An updated classic and best-seller with a new design.
Perfect for the Fall Season of cooking, baking and pie making.
Studiopatro linen is durable, naturally resists dirt and stains, and is a stronger, more long-lasting fabric than cotton. It will stand the test of time through years of everyday use. Easy to care for, just wash in cool to warm water, air dry or tumble dry on low and remove while damp. Ironing is totally optional - your choice!
Each tea  towel is handprinted one-by-one using water-based inks, working in small batches in San Francisco.
  Each tea towel is tied with a twill ribbon and a wash + care tag.
- 100% oyster white linen, printed with Copper ink, 18" x 26”
- Includes a twill corner ribbon on back for hanging
- Launders easily, dries quickly, ironing is optional
- Soft and absorbent
- Stain resistant and long-lasting
- Elegantly wrapped with a twill ribbon and care tag
- Designed, cut, silk-screened and sewn with care in San Francisco
Made in the US