TAH Bags - Baguette Mini Wristlet - Black
$ 98.00

TAH Bags - Baguette Mini Wristlet - Black

About the Baguette Mini

The perfect size for a cell phone, keys, and lip balm.

Great for an evening night out or a stroll in the park. Fully lined with a small inside pocket for credit cards. Use as a wallet or mini clutch. Handmade in full-grain leather and solid brass hardware. Comes with a wristlet.

**Note - wristlet is solid leather with no grommets. See red baguette mini.


TAH full-grain leather requires relatively little care. There is no need for frequent cleaning, marks and scratches can be rubbed or polished out with ease. You do not need special products to keep your leather clean and looking good. Simply use a clean cloth, simple soap and water. Avoid chemical cleansers and conditioners as they can damage your bag. To conditional your leather we recommend Skidmore’s leather cream and Smith’s leather balm. If you are caught in the rain, do not panic. Gently blot away any drops of water and let the bag dry naturally.

TAH Bags, Established in 2015 by Designer Angelina Marie.

Based in Portland, Oregon.

Additional Details
Width: 8"

Height: 4"

Depth: .5"

Color: Black