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About Hopestill Studio

Kirsten Glick is the owner, maker of fine, classic everyday jewelry. 
Handmade in her home studio, here is her story.
love. light. hope. still.
Twenty years ago I was in the final stretch of my undergraduate college education, looking for a break from academic work. On a whim, I took a class in jewelry making at a nearby high school. Intimidated by the combination of fire and metal, I was dazzled instead by gemstone beads. I began making earrings and necklaces for friends and family. With the encouragement and support of my loved ones, I started a small business manufacturing semi-precious gemstone jewelry out of our home. I showed my work at both the Boston and New York Fashion Accessories Shows and signed with a national salesman who sold my line in gift stores across the country.
Two years later, I became a proud new mother and found my son to be more fascinating than jewelry making. I happily packed away my tools and supplies and went on to have two more babies. I did not feel the call of the tools for almost 20 years. I never gave up working with my hands, however. Quilting, knitting, blogging, and photography occupied my leisure time while the kids were young.
Three years ago, my daughter Liv and I visited a bead store and tumbled back into the colorful world of gemstones. After hearing "you should sell your stuff" for the umpteenth time, we opened "Liv & Me"  on Etsy. As Liv has grown into her teen years, we have developed new interests.
Over the past couple of years, I've enjoyed taking classes at a nearby metals studio.
My work continues to evolve with each new skill I learn.
I currently work out of my home studio.
Everything is 100% made by me.
Packaged with love and care.
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You can shop select pieces from Kirsten's collection here at puckandabby.com
Thank you Kirsten

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