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How We Give Back


 We believe that business is not just about personal success but helping others to succeed as well. Our philosophy is that "KINDNESS WINS". 

Kindness is a way of life. It comes in many forms. For us it is giving back. We currently give back 10% of all proceeds towards a variety of charities. So the harder we work and the more you shop with us, the more we are able to give. Our goal is to build on our philosophy that KINDNESS WINS with a  KINDNESS CAMPAIGN. More details to come.

Share The Kindness allows you to select a charity at checkout that you would like to see your 5% go to. There is no additional funding out of your pocket. That's for us. We currently have 5 charities to choose from. For us it's a start. We hope in the near future to sponsor campaigns that would focus on a single charity at a time. But for now, we are proud to offer 5 charities that we support.

Multiple Sclerosis Society

American Breast Cancer Foundation

Saint Judes

American Red Cross 

MSPCA Angell

*Note - You have an option at checkout that allows you not to make a selection

Thank you for shopping at puck and abby. We value you as a customer. We value your support. 

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