About puck and abby

puck and abby is all about the belief that making items by hand
brings people together and inspires others to do the same.
its about slow living. simplifying. buy less but better. quality over quantity.

Established in 2016.
Looking for a new challenge, countless hours were spent teaching myself how to design a web site. At the time, it really was purely a challenge. With no I.T. experience I just set out to see if I could do it.
My 20+ years of retail both at the store and buying levels made the concept easy once I figured out how to not only design a website but then to navigate every inch of it. Product was next.
It was an easy decision to explore the community of handmade.
This community is a force. These goods are not just arts and crafts. These are goods made by extremely talented designers, creators, makers who are passionate about what they do. To my delight I have discovered so many high quality goods thru various resources. And there is so much more. Not only are these goods aesthetically pleasing, in many cases they are made from recycled materials and all care deeply about what goes into the making of their goods.
This industry expands beyond the U.S..  I have chosen to support local artists throughout the United States.  This really is just the beginning. My goal is to continue to add new makers and to continue to spread the word that there is a new place to shop outside the world of designer goods and fast fashion.
Take a breath. Slow it down. Think about where you are putting your money.
Invest in value.
And enjoy the beauty of handmade.
I want to send a big thank you to all of the artisans/makers that have trusted me with selling and promoting their products.
 If you have any questions or are interested in selling your own handmade items through my boutique, please contact me at contact@puckandabby.com.