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About puck and abby

...slow living. simplifying. buying less but better - quality over quantity

puck and abby
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Est. 2016

With 20+ years in retail at the store and buying levels, I felt it was about time that I opened my very own shop. This online venture has been an engrossing and happy challenge and I hope you will enjoy browsing and shopping here.

I spent countless hours teaching myself web design with zero IT experience and I believe I’ve succeeded in bringing you a clean, pretty space to explore some of the nicer things in life. Think of Puck and Abby as a brief oasis from the everyday where you can search for that perfect shower gift, bridesmaid gift, or a pretty and functional present for your home - all by the light of the moon outside your window.

Finding my product lines was simple - I knew from experience that the most beautiful items of distinction come from the artisan world. This ever-growing community is driven by designers and creators who are passionate about their craft and by that I don’t mean homemade -many of the products are made of recycled materials by talented artists whose scope is limited only by their imaginations. I am committed to finding even more of these artisans as the industry expands globally. Our offerings are a wonderful antithesis to fast fashion and vapid designer goods.

So make yourself some tea, slow it down...think about where you are putting your money. Invest in value, quality, and enjoy the beauty and patina of craftsmanship.


I want to send a big thank you to all of the artisans that have trusted me with selling and promoting their products. And if you have any questions or are interested in offering your own handmade items through my online boutique, please contact me at

(The name Puck and Abby came from my two charming and beloved dogs, now gone. They were always an inspiration for the simple life.)