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Klassically Kaytee Features Our Neva Opet Marina Circle Bag

A shout out to Katie for featuring our Neva Opet Marina Circle Bag. Handmade in Atlanta GA, Neva Opet is a collection of handbags and accessories made by hand by Rachel Riedinger. Simple in design. Excellent craftmanship.


puck and abby
May 9, 2017
Just like every other girl out there, I'm a sucker for a great bag. I always tell myself, "I have too many!" and "I don't need another one." However, when you see a great bag... all the rules go out the window!

I recently came across puck and abby and instantly fell in love for so many reasons. First of all, the handbags are so unique, the beauty products are delicious and light, and the homegoods... well, I'm sold. Don't even get me started on how puck and abby came about. Robin, the owner, explained that she named the company, which she started in 2016 after her two labs who lived to be 14 years old. (The male was Puck and female was Abby.) Being a dog lover myself, I couldn't help but fall for this company.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the Marina Circle Bag by Neva Opet. One of the best parts is that Neva Opet's handmade pieces are crafted right here in the United States (Atlanta, GA) - as are ALL of the products featured by puck and abby.

I feel like this is a bag that I'll have for many years to come because of the strong, soft sturdy leather and extra attention to detail that went into making this... and that's really what puck and abby is all about - buy less, but better quality products. With summer approaching (HURRY UP!!), I know this beauty will be adorning my shoulder for many events. I love that you can dress this up and down. 

I am very excited and extremely fortunate to share that puck and abby has generously offered to provide Klassically Kaytee readers with a 25% off discount on your next purchase (one time only) - in addition to complimentary shipping. You can use promo code KLASSICALLYKAYTEE at checkout. If you buy any of the amazing products, please let me know what you got and how you are enjoying it! I hope y'all enjoy puck and abby as much as I do! :) 

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