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Skincare for Fall Beauty


Although the sun is still warm, the light has changed and some refreshing cool breezes have blown in reminding us that the rush of autumn is on the doorstep.  Early fall is the best time to revisit skincare and beauty routines, repair summer skin dryness, and put a fresh face forward for the new season.  Let us help…

The Bath

Baptize yourself in a warm tub of water that includes Earth Tu Face Bergamot + Aloe Shower Gel.  Just like your favorite cup of Earl Grey, allow the delicate bergamot scent and gentle foam wash away your cares as well as skin’s impurities.  Or sprinkle in some of Nash and Jones Himalayan Salt Soak and let the gentle crystals clean pores and nourish skin.  Nash and Jones Agave Cloth will finish off the job by polishing the body into the perfect soft canvas for:

A Soothing Lotion

Earth Tu Face proves itself again with their botanical body lotion reminiscent of summer’s salty ocean air with a comforting dose of rosemary.  Its lasting hydration competes only with its enveloping aromatherapy properties to relax and pamper, readying you for a change in season.

Face Time

Earth Tu Face’s Honey and Coconut Mask is designed to heal and plump the skin to an instant glow.  Antioxidant-rich raw honey with rose and lavender will calm and decompress you after summer’s intense heat and sun.  Noto’s Resurface Scrub helps remove every trace of mask and any leftover dried skin cells.  Noto Moisture Riser Cream for face and neck (and hands!) has powerful oils including blue tansy, which acts as a restorative emollient to get facial skin back on track at summer’s end.  Unisex with a disarming fresh fragrance for the entire family.  Tip:  keep Moisture Riser in the fridge for cool de-puffing on early fall mornings before work.  


Nash and Jones Bamboo and Charcoal Toothbrush Set have soft bristles and are charcoal-infused for gentle cleaning and whitening.  Natural fun and biodegradable checks all the oral-care boxes to get your smile as fall-ready as the rest of you.  The Floral Society’s Copper Incense Holder with Essential Oil Incense is the perfect accompaniment to seasonal pampering sessions.  The simplistic design adds fall-warmth to any decor and the bespoke incense sticks waft lovely fragrances throughout the bath and home.  

Early fall is the perfect time to renew self-care promises to ourselves and restore precious skin for the vibrant season ahead.


Our free gift to you!  With a $30 purchase from our skincare selection, we will send you a free Nash and Jones Agave Cloth which makes a great addition to the Et Tu Face Bergamot + Aloe Shower Gel!


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