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Setting a Pretty Spring Table


In these challenging times, a beautifully-set table for the evening meal is one way to show your family that you care. Even with small children underfoot and a simple meal on the stove, all will be delighted with a pretty and fresh table look that includes our taper candles which come in three lovely colors.

Each hue - Parchment, Petal, and Greige - is sweetly neutral enough to go with any palate of dinnerware in your cabinets. You’ll find that nothing softens the day’s hard edges and quiets the dinner hour like subtle candlelight, making even the most humble meal seem festive and fun under an unexpected warming glow.

Today’s hits keep coming for families but despite the bad news, a regular dinner hour with candles and flowers will add a touch of normalcy to difficult times. "Creating beautiful bouquets for your table is easy with The Floral Society's vessels and vases. Check under "Brands" on the website for selections to coordinate with your candles. You will love exploring ceramic planters that speak the language of flowers.

We may not be able to control what happens outside our front doors these days, but we can at least create a luminous dinner table for those we love. Just watch how well-behaved children become when candles and flowers are on the menu along with hot dogs and mac ‘n cheese (again!). As for you, the glowing oasis of candles and flowers will help you realize what is truly important about life right now...


  • Getting back to the table seems like a great idea during these times. Why must we wait for a complex new recipe? We should try this every night especially with a simple table setting like this one. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Wonderful advice and beautifully written. Flowers and candles will definitely be added to our dinner table!


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